2015 Workshops to be announced. Our workshops for our improv retreat in 2014 are below:

From Moment One

Instructor: Karen Graci 

Feel overwhelmed in scenes? Thinking too much? Doubting your instincts as a performer? This workshop specifically focuses on how natural, honest choices from the very first moment in scenes lead to solid scene work. Students learn how to build their confidence by by tapping into the power of immediate physical, emotional and vocal choices, and discover ways to create these organic starting points. This workshop challenges students to trust their instincts, all the while heightening character development, scenic relationships and game. For alums and students who have completed at least a basic improv level.

The Improvised Movie

Instructor: Paul Vaillancourt 

Want to improvise feature films – complete with plot, characters, camera angles and special effects – live in front of an audience? When you are done with this action packed workshop you will have all the basic techniques that you need to start putting together your own movies. Perfect for movie lovers and lovers of linear narrative in general.

The Harold Workshop

Instructor: Josh DuBose 

This workshop will focus on one of the most famous formats in the history of long-form improvisation, The Harold. For both newcomers to this form and veterans alike, this workshop will focus not only on the structural guidelines of The Harold, but its nuances as well. A successful Harold blends theme, character and story seamlessly. The goal of this workshop is to encourage improvisers to trust the form, their fellow players and their own instincts.

Making Your Environment Work for you

Instructor: Jaime Moyer

Object work and environment might be just the thing you’re missing to take your scene work to the next level! In this class we will work on how to better contact the environment, believe in what you’re doing, and ways to make your object work start to work, for you in the scene.  A must take for anyone who feels their scenes are sometimes just a “whole lotta talk”.

Commitment to Character

Instructor: Amanda Blake Davis

This workshop will explore getting into character instantly, but then sustaining that character for longer scenes. Bring your scene work from caricature to grounded character. We’ll explore different ways of getting into character through POV and physicality.

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