Here are our 2016 Workshops are:

Surprise Yourself

Instructor: Kevin Mullaney

In this workshop, we will explore adding a little chaos into your scenes on purpose. Change the subject, state your opinion emphatically before you know what it is, make up a long story in the middle of a scene, over react to mundane things, exit or enter a scene without a reason. If these things sound like a bad idea, this workshop is for you. Real life situations are messy and unpredictable, so maybe, just maybe, your scenes should be as well.

The Supporting Role

Instructor: Celeste Pechous

Support Roles are often undermined in their concrete ability to heighten and enhance a scene to it’s full potential. This workshop will allow you to look at the scene from a whole new angle via different avenues of supporting what is already there by adding to the scene via entrances, exits, walk-ons, background and atmosphere. Find purpose, timing and voice in your supporting roles.


Instructor: Maribeth Monroe


Higher Forms of Agreement

Instructor: Bill Binder

Saying “Yes and” is more than agreement to the facts of the scene. True support relies on saying yes to every level of the scene. Making the leap to great shows requires going beyond simple listening skills and learning to be aware of all the spoken and unspoken gifts all around you. This workshop teaches ways to listen beyond the spoken word, to truly support your partner and the scene even if it means uttering the forbidden word “no”.

Using The Whole Buffalo

Instructor: Eric Hunicutt

In long form, the source material holds the key to inspiration. Whether it is monologue, Group Opening, or using a scene as the source, identifying the DNA for scenic ideas is a skill. This workshop explores multiple styles of “source” or openings and how to mine these sources for ideas, inspirations, themes, and raw material to later explore in scenes, group work, and the structure itself. By identifying where ideas can come from, we can open ourselves to inspiration rather than invention.

About Us

Our professional staff and board members are made up of some of the best improv talent in world. We are available to you as a resource and also to help plan your trip to our annual camp. Feel free to contact us via e-mail at if you have any questions.