Here are our 2015 Workshops are:

Fireball Theory

Instructor: Jill Bernard

This workshop presents Jill Bernard’s Fireball Theory and offers exercises to help you improvise faster and harder than you can judge yourself. You will learn to metaphorically hit the scene running and outrun the explosion of self-loathing and doubt like an action movie hero outruns a fireball thus defying the laws of physics. Please wear closed toe shoes to this workshop.

Start Simple, Play Strong and Have Fun!

Instructor: Jason Pardo

Jason draws on his twenty years of diverse improv experience to guide improvisers toward making simple choices early, building behaviors, supporting through character, and having fun in discovery. His workshop focuses on simple, consistent choices and how they ultimately lead to strong characters, rich relationships and quality scenes.

What Are You Doing Up There?

Instructor: Bob Dassie

This workshop will focus on honing improv skills from a base of truth while also understanding what it is we are pursuing when we get up on a stage. Find strength in who you are and what you have to offer.

Express Yourself

Instructor: Katie Nahnsen

This workshop is all about emotions… and emotions are comedy GOLD! Exercises will focus on creating characters and scene work with an emotional point-of-view. From heightening the game to organically finding the relationship, we’ll focus on how creating emotional, believable characters gives higher stakes to any scene. Most importantly, we’ll realize how improv can be as simple as listening and reacting and how focusing on emotions can lead to those really fun and surprising ‘true improv’ moments. Topics include: creating an emotional POV by choosing the character’s want, using emotions to heighten the game of a scene, and committing to a character by staying true to the emotional point of view.

Character Shop

Instructor: Drew Droege

Find out how to create instant strong enthusiastic characters to fuel your scene work. Realize how much easier it is to improvise when you’re playing someone with a clear point-of-view. Learn how to embody people you know- horrible family members, nightmare exes, lovable idiots- and turn them into original an unique characters that are sustainable in scenes.

About Us

Our professional staff and board members are made up of some of the best improv talent in world. We are available to you as a resource and also to help plan your trip to our annual camp. Feel free to contact us via e-mail at if you have any questions.